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Film Productions

Short film

Lachek, jag är elak

Lachek, I am mean


A stop motion film

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The thought's invisible walls Rasism in EuropeEn Lera animation film om smygrasism. Några invandrar barn från någon förort kommer till en simhall för simundervisning. Undervisning skulle ske med...

Ömma Läppar- Sore Lips

A film with Ahdieh Iranian pop Singer and Cesaria Evora

Cape Vard own super star.

a film about The women `s rights to sing

A film with Ahdieh Iranian pop singer and Cesaria Evora. A film about the women rights to sing.

Slöjans integration

Konst för kvinnors skull

sail , short film

The locked- in

A film about a gruop doctors work as brean surgeons who play in a rock band. It is about to working with blod and Moldy